SHuiYuki's Personal Quick Updates!

Hey All!

Sorry for MIA for SO LONG! These past few weeks had been SUPER EXTREME BUSY with activities!!!

Quick Updates on what I'd been up to:
  • Attend IMMORTAL movie preview (Entry coming soon!)
  • Did APB event with pretty babes Ee Xuan, Wynne and Reiko at a Country Club

  •  Alley Bar's 10th Anniversary with my dearest Emily babe. Met Wendy & Janelle as well! :)
  •  Overseas Trip (KL >> Melaka) with my HDs darlings!!! (Entry coming soon)

  • Royston & Shiny's Wedding at Grand Shanghai (Entry coming soon!)
  •   Derick & Berilyn's Wedding (Entry coming soon!)
All photos are credited to respective photographers. :)

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