SHuiYuki's Dior Shimmery Silver Wearable Makeup Look

:) One of my sec sch GFs Min who had recently went to UK just to find her BF (SO SWEET right?!) and has bought back Dior Makeup palette of which I'd decided to do a wearable makeup look for all! I'd nearly forgotten all about it as she has went for nearly 1 month!!! O.O"

Here's the look I'd created! Enjoy:

LOL! Super narcissism (自恋)I know :P But it all happens when you have good makeup + good weather lighting! TEEHEE!!!

Makeup used:

  • Skin79 BB in Hot Pink at S$32+ AWESOME LOVE! :) This product can really last for a long while!!!!
  • Makeup Forever HD Finishing Powder at S$55! Hurry! This product really forever goes out of stock!!! :X


  • Dior Couture Colour Eyeshadow Palette in Extase Pink 804. UP is S$95. Duty free is selling at S$75.50!
  • NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk (aka White) at S$6! MUHAHAHA!
  • Lancome Khol Eye Pencil in Black (Forget the price already. Sorry!)
  • L'OREAL Liquid Eyeliner in Black at S$17+
  • Lancome Precious Cells Masacara in Black at S$52
  • A pair of semi-dramatic eyelashes (above) at S$1.90. I bought at Bugis Level 2; those stores selling fake eyelashes and all! :D
  • Le Femme Glow on Rouge in Nectar Peach (natural peach colour) at S$5+ AWESOME BUY! Never regret it!
  • Le Femme Blush on Rouge in Flamingo Pink (cool pinkish-purple blusher) at S$4+ :D:D
  1. Apply your eye primer (for me, I'm using Urban Decay Primer Potion) on the entire eyelids
  2. Use NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk (or any other creamy white eyeshadow) and apply on your eyelids within your crease area.
  3. Slowly, blend the cream white shadow using blending sponge (or my case, clean fingertips) upwards to form a gradient.
    Note: Using cream eyeshadow can also help to hold your powder eyeshadow longer without creasing for those who do not have a eye primer.
  4. Apply Dior A (lighter silver) onto the eyelids. Again, do not apply beyond the crease area!
  5. Apply Dior B (darker silver) at the outer-V, creating a more definition and creating larger looking eye (see the above picture for better illustration)
  6. IMPORTANT: Blend the colours well to prevent any harsh edges.
  7. (Optional) Apply Dior C on slightly on top of the colours and blend well. This is slightly warm up the colours. :)
  8. SHui's FAVE MAKEUP TRICK: Line your eyes first before applying the fake eyelash. This will save lots of trouble sticking and re-stick the eyelash. TRUST ME! :D
  9. Apply the fake eyelashes
  10. Line your eyes again with liquid eyeliner 
  11. Apply your favourite mascara (most preferable with volumizing effect) to complete the look!
Things to take note of when applying this makeup:
  • Majority of the colours used are classified as COOL colours. Wanna know more about the makeup colour classification? Click here.
  • Your blusher should be of those baby pink, light pink instead of warm pink-tone colours.
  • Focus on ONE part of your face when applying makeup! Should the attention is on the eyes - TONE DOWN on blusher and lips. You won't want to look like a wayang at the end of the day right? ;)
Shall end off this entry with MORE narcissism pictures of ME! :P

PS: :D In a SUPER HAPPY mood 'cause I just received my long-awaited Ben Nye products from the Postman! Yippieee!!!

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Disclaimer: *Sigh* I'm an unknown noob so ALL products are PURCHASED, TRIED & TESTED + HONEST REVIEWS BY YOURS TRULY! ^^v

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