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:) Was invited down to a movie preview by and honestly speaking, I was pretty excited because...
  1. JH and I rarely watch movie alone (ie just the 2 of us) anymore :( The last movie we both watched together was Alice in Wonderland in 3D. Yah, it was THAT long ago~ Tsk tsk
  2. Well, it's FREE and we get to be one of the lucky folks to catch it first before official launch in Singapore this weekend! (:P Typical Singaporean behaviour I know... Hur hur)
So, after sending JH's mum and brother back, we whisked our way down to Shaw (Lido) and get ready for our movie!

And we were on our way to watch...

Credit to the respective movie distributor website :)
Movie plot (brief):

Single, in her mid-thirties and a jewellery assistant (who had a bakery store once but was folded) Annie (Kristen Wiig) was asked to be the Maid of Honour by her best friend Lilian (Maya Rudolph).

At the engagement party, Annie met the rest of the bridesmaids Rita, Helen and Megan and felt threaten as she sensed Helen is trying to outshine her in all ways, as well as to 'rob' the best friend status from her.

And let's say, ALL FUN BEGINS from there!!! :D

Rated M18 in Singapore.

My HONEST thoughts:

  • Plot: 3/5 stars
Reasons: To me, this is like, a girly version of The Hangover 2 - except that this plot is less oh-so dramatic and more sexual scenes compared to the latter. BUT, I do like the heartwarming towards the end of the movie (yah, its a girly show afterall) and I'm pretty sure majority of the girly females will enjoy this movie though!

It's a 2-hr movie and despite that, I still think it will be worthy for weekDAY movie. Not a die-die must watch movie but it can be a consideration if you have the extra time/money to spare during the weekday.

  • Experience (in Shaw Lido theaters): 3.5/5
Sound system: Hmmm, can be louder though to increase the tensity of the movie though :S

Seats: The seats and spacing are adequate and it is a GOOD NEWS for long-legged folks out there! No more stretching and accidental kicks onto the chair seated in front of you. Trust me, I thought I was on some vibrating '3D' seat when I was watching Harry Potter movie last weekend! I nearly swore to the person who had been kicking my chair throughout the movie!!! ARGH!

Wanna know what EXACTLY HAPPEN TO THE BRIDESMAID? Do head down to the nearest movie theaters this weekend! Cheers!

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