SHuiYuki's Makeup Review on La Rose de Vasailles and Miracle Romance (Sailor Moon)

≧◠◡◠≦ Hello!!! Together with my fellow model-cum-beauty-blogger Valerie, we were invited down to CreerBeaute Cosmetic Media Launch held at Oasia Hotel two weeks ago.

What is CreerBeaute
"CreerBeautue is the cosmetic subsidiary arm of Bandai - the Japanese toy making, anime and video game company. They are imbued with the spirit of the characters from the popular series La Rose de Versailles, Urusei Yatsura series, as well as Sailor Moon
CreerBeaute has also introduced men’s products to their wide range of cosmetic line up, such as the Dragon Ball Z Hair Wax series and plans to continue developing new range for customers in Japan and overseas." -extracted from press release

Some of their renowned makeup items include the Lady Oscar Liquid Eyeliner, The Rose of Versailles Oscar & Rosalie Face Mask and the Lady Oscar Liquid Eyeliner EX (which won the prestigious Japan Beauty Award @ Cosme!)

._____." Okay. In all honest truth, I didn't grow up watching any episodes of SailorMoon or La Rose de Versailles series. The only phrase I know from the Sailor Moon anime was

Photo credit:
"我代表月亮來懲罰你!/ 月に代わってお仕置きよ!"
*LOL* #laughDieMe

My childhood anime comprised of らんま½ (Ranma ½)ミスター味っ子 (Mister Ajikko),
スラムダンク (Slam Dunk), ドラえもん (Doraemon). Not a very typical girly-girly anime at all. -___-" So I was totally clueless when the presenter & the CEO of CreerBeaute were asking questions about SailorMoon.

#dontBlameMe #thisWasMyChildhood #iChooseFoodOverDollAnytime  

 Some of the SailorMoon Miracle Romance range on our table.

(っ◕‿◕)っ ♥ Goofing around + of course, do what we do BEST - #Wefie 
(#selfie has become too mainstream nowadays. LOL!)

Yes, that's my 可愛い Valerie さん trying to position the products for the product 'photoshoot'
#behindTheSceneOfaBeautyBlogger #someSceneThatPublicDontGetToSeeOften

≧◉◡◉≦ I was given the great opportunity to have 1 of the most famous Japan Makeup Artist Mawaki Yamamoto さん to enhance my makeup look! Pardon my expressionless face but that moment I swear I was in a daze. HAHA! :X

❤ More official photos can be found HERE

Wanna know what's the makeup look he has created for me? Read on and you will find out soon! *winks* XOXO
Some disclaimer FIRST:

I only review sponsored products which I have tried on myself for a period of time to see if the products are effective on me before I recommend to my readers.

Which is probably why some companies totally loath me for not posting my entry on time. Please, if I have not tried the products and do the entry for the sake of blogging just to submit before deadline, there is no creditability at all and it will also affect the Company's reputation right?

All my reviews are 100% based on my HONEST opinions and not from the press release from the Company. I'm pretty sure my readers are internet savy to find out the ingredients etc.

I'm having a combination & sensitive skin + yellow undertone. If your skin condition are similar to mine, chances are my opinions are suitable for your consideration in purchasing the product.

What you SEE is what you GET. NO PHOTOSHOP/ RE-ADJUSTMENT OF SKIN COMPLEXION. I only cropped the pictures so you guys won't see the rest of my messy room. LOL!

Agreed to the aforementioned? (>♥) Then Let's GO ON!!!  


All of us were given an extremely genourous goodie bag towards the end of the event and lemme SHOW YA!!!

From La Rose de Versailles
 (Left-Right) Princess Antoinette Liquid Eyeliner Dark Brown, Lady Oscar Liquid Eyeliner Black, La Rose de Versailles Pencil Eyeliner Black

 #DoYouKnow La Rose de Versailles products are specially blended with moisturizing complex, LIPIDURE rose oil with rose water to provide extra care for our delicate eyes! #ISimplyLOVEJapProducts
 Close-up of Princess Antoinette Liquid Eyeliner Dark Brown, 
Lady Oscar Liquid Eyeliner Black
 Both retailing at S$20.50. Available: Lady Oscar Liquid Eyeliner Royal Brown (not shown)

 Close-up of Lady Rose de Versailles Pencil Eyeliner
Retailing at S$22.60 Available in Brown & Black.
 Comparision for both Miracle Romance (top) and La Rose de Versailles (bottom) eyeliners

1 of the most common questions I'd been getting from my readers & friends (male & female):

"What's the diff (difference)?? Brown is brown what. Black is black what! 
Why need so many eyeliners of the SAME colour?!"

*Ahem* Ladies & Gentlemen, my above pic beg to differ. And I DID NOT purposely make either eyeliner darker than the latter.

As shown in the picture, La Rose de Versailles liquid eyeliners are darker than Miracle Romance eyeliners. BUT that does NOT mean M.R. eyeliners are bad. 

In my 100% honest opion, Miracle Romance eyeliners will be the ideal choice should you go for a natural eye makeup/ daytime look. They have good colour payoff and great consistency too! Just that the colour is slightly lighter and I personally think they will look great on double eyelid folks. #noJoke

Ok, which leads me to
Miracle Romance (from Sailor Moon)

(Top Left-Right): 
Lamerliner in Green + Liquid Eyeliner in Black, 
Lamerliner in Orange Gold + Liquid Eyeliner in Brown
Retailing at S$36.90

(Bottom Left-Right): 
Lameliner in Red and Blue S$24.70. Star Prism Penciliner in White S$18.50

 Close-up of the Star Prism Lameliner

HOW TO USE Star Prism Lameliner:

#SHuiYukiTipOfTheDay Always spread the liquid liner on the back of your hand FIRST to get even amount on the brush + avoiding excess liquid to flow into your eye (which may cause eye irritation) before applying directly to your eyes.

(Left-right) Star Power Prsim Lameliner Green, Orange-Gold, Blue & Red

Now that you have seen the colour payoff from the all the brands and lets proceed on to the another IMPORTANT CRITERIA - LONGEVITY. 

Are they smudge-proof? 

This was taken 15min later after doing the swatches. I was rather surprise that the lameliners did NOT budge/smudge AT ALL despite my intensive rubbing + being very liquid-y in the beginning.

All liquid eyeliners (both MR & La Rose de Vasailles) have a superb fine 0.1mm tip and they glide on smoothly onto the skin without any tugging. Best of all, they can be removed using WARM WATER (good news for those with sensitive eyes/ cannot use oil-based eye makeup remover)!

They are pretty fast drying too. However, do leave them to dry for about a minute before applying anymore eye makeup on them.

As for La Rose de Versailles Penciliner, we experience some smudging when used to tighline between our lashes and upper eyelids without using primer. But the problem was solved once I set some oil-control powder on the eyelids (& between the lashes) before lining my eyes.

I'd actually seen these products many times at Aeon Mall (cosmetics section) and other drugstores when I was in Japan and all of us know Japan produces many awesome skincare / makeup products for the Asian market!

Most importantly, they do not exaggerate the ingredients used and over promise any too-good-to-be-true results! Therefore, in terms of quality/ product packaging etc, you can have my word that these products truly live up to their expectations! *Thumbs up*

(◡‿◡✿)...  Here's the party eye makeup look created by Mawaki Yamamoto さん (DIY by yours truly)!! 

Pardon my messy bunned-up hair + neither-here-nor-there face makeup. I was trying the eyeliners only. Thus no falsies. Just some mascara, brown eyeshadow, Princess Antoinette Liquid Eyeliner Dark Brown and Miracle Romance Star Prism Lameliner in Blue.

Mawaki Yamamoto さん also shared with us that Japanese ladies do not apply much eye colour as they prefer a more natural, soft eye makeup look. Which I couldn't agree any further. My near 2yrs in-&-out Japan experience really show me the difference between SG & Jap girls (ie attitude/ personality/ behaviour/ fashion/ beauty routine).

But that doesn't mean they don't play with colours at all. Just pop a more striking colour (eg blue/ red/ green etc) at the outer-corner of your lower lashline. Apply mascara/ falsies to complete the look!

Do give these lovelies a try today (my fave has gotta be Princess Antoinette Liquid Eyeliner Dark Brown and Miracle Romance Star Prism Lameliner in Blue)at the following places:

💋 The Rose of Versailles:
Selected WATSONS stores:
☑ Jurong Point
☑ Vivo City
☑ Ngee Ann City
☑ Asia Square
☑ Compass Point
☑ Parkway Parade
☑ Junction 8
☑ Causeway Point
☑ Yew Tee Point
☑ West Mall

💋 Miracle Romance:
Available at ALL 49 Watsons stores with Japanese Corner

Have Fun! XOXO

Once again, thank you CreerBeauty & Calista for the media invite & the super generous goodie bag! どうも ありがとうございました! 私は全部が大好きです!!💗

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