SHuiYuki's Quick Update + DayRe

Hello Everyone!

Sorry for the lack of blog posts over here - am busily IG-ing/ Tweeting and recently I'm hooked onto
Click on the image above to access to the webpage!

Am in LOVE with their super easy + convenient way to mini blog my stuff. All I need is just my trusty iPhone and uploading the phone pictures and that's it! I don't have to plug in my iphone and transfer the images to my PC etc...

And check out these CUTE icons DayRe has! Am having so much fun blogging at DayRe rather here (PC) >.<"

BUT... Nevertheless, I will still be blogging more constructive & informative blog post on this blog whilst DayRe will be more on my 1st impression of the product. 

Therefore, do check out my DayRe (username: SHuiYuki) if you wanna know more heads up on my 1st impression of any makeup/ skincare products!

Till the next time,

Stay Healthy and Happy folks!


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