SHuiYuki's 2013 Photo-log

Morning people!

As mentioned on my Twitter (, I was importing 3,000++ pics from my iPhone to my PC and rediscovered some pictures that were never shown before! (>‿♥)

While looking through the pics sorted out by Months, I realised Happiness can be anything:

✓ Getting & Trying out new Beauty products #SOP *LOL*
✓ Witnessing my Friends getting Hitched/Preggy
✓ With my Family & Friends
✓ Me-time with my Favourite Brown Brother Moscato / Umeshu (Plum Wine)
✓ Happy outstation pictures with the awesome crew!
✓ My current obsession with Triumph in the Skies II (沖上雲霄2). Especially Jayden aka Captain Cool
(っ◕‿◕)っ ♥ I'll be ever so willingly to take care of my Cockpit Crew anytime! *HAHA*

Of course, looking at my Pretty & Handsome friends pics make me a Happy SHuiYuki too. =^^=


Here you go - Extracted from my iPhone and in ultimate random order!
Some images are edited using iPhone apps.

 My B78 Happy Pills at Raffles Place

 Liney Jeppie San and Ming You Bro at SWITCH

 Helllooooooo Batch Boy (Chew)!!!

 Batch 4 L.O.V.E at AquaNova, Clark Quay

Hellloooooooo Dearest Batch Girl!!!

 Partayyyyyy at ZOUK

 This is what happen when Scoot + SQ + Emirates + JAL meet at FEP = ☝ 

 Awwww~ Hello Mummy Tan & BB Precious at TPY Hub! 
God Ma here can't wait for you to POP!!

 My ever Sexy Levonne at FLUX

 Cindy & PL ❤

 HDs Fang and I (obviously inside a Bus to.. Orchard?)

  Always my Favourite Boy (R: Se Young) & Girl (L: Yeong Jin)

 The Happy Teo Family at Changi Airport T2!

 Snap shot from Kor Kor Teo :)

Eh, Hello HANDSOMES at Rabbit (aka Howard) Tan's wedding at MBS!!!
My T14 最仔的 Jeffery and Shun Yu!

Bonjour Paris!


BEHOLD... The below pics are taken during my training days in Japan (Jan-April):

Simply ❤ my Scootees 
Many came and visited + brought me goodies while I was training my arse off / lay-over at Japan. 
My darling batchies Ash (above), Vanessa, Chew, Felicia, Jojo, Germin, Ah Don, Yazid etc. 

 ***Back from Japan Training ***

 很可愛 right?! 
Taste GOOD too!

 My Batchie + CL To-Be + Partner-In-Crime.. Evonne at Scoot OCC T1

 Tricia Sista

 The H time - Havoc + Happening + Happiness

 ICT-ian + Fang High Tea Session at Wisma

 My Handsome Sotong san ^^v

 Dearest Guang Wei bro at Bugis

Preparing for flight

 My favourite Xiao Bimbz at Old Town, Cineleisure

 My source of comfort and entertainment at Night
Well they belong to my niece and nephew whom were away at Korea holiday-ing *ENVY*

 My Darling & Geminian Family!

 ICT-ian ❤ at Ian's Wedding at Crown Plaza, T3

LOL! I miss my Scoot days *Sigh*

 1 of my Favourite moments in Japan - PAX BACK TO SIN! 

 For those who don't like the Collagen 'fishy-scent' - Try this! It has fruity scent instead! :)

 AWWWW... My no. 1 FAVOURITE KITTY in the whole wide world - FAT FACE!!!

 With my Gorgeous Alicia sama at BKK!!!

 OMG-time at Attica VIP!

 Welcome Home my darlings~ 姑姑 here misses you two like CRAZY!

 Long time no see handsome HP (at Bedok Point)!

My Selfies from 2010- 2013!
Actually is just 1 per year. Don't wanna drown my blog anymore! *HAHA*

At AFA helping out at Canon Booth

Door Usher at MBS
On my way to FEP

Waiting for my dearest + handsome Sotong san to go for our ICT-ian Xmas Dinner!

That's all for now!
:) Till the next time!


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  1. Hi Shuyuki, do you mind sharing what route does JAL goes to? do they layover at those countries? Thanks!

  2. Hello!

    =) Each foreign based crews will have our own designated countries to fly to. Example: SG crew will fly to USA (NYC), Paris etc and we have layovers at the coutries we fly to.

    Hope that answer your enquiries.




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