SHuiYuki's Beauty Haul from Taiwan

Welcome 2 Taiwan blog entry again people!!! This time round, I'm going to show you more in depth of my little beauty haul from this friendly country!!!

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Remember I mentioned that I was so engross shopping in WATSONS & SASA outlet that I had totally forgot to snap pictures of the outlets? Well, the following below are some of the reasons why!

 FASIO Eyeshadow Quad BE-2

There's no doubt about the good quality about Japanese products - be it high end or drugstore products. Sadly, Fasio is facing off from Singapore and they are hard to find except in selected John Little outlets.

These colours area all shimmery neutral colours, nothing too extraordinary. :S Bought it as I did not want to use my colours brought and these shimmery colours looks too good when I swatch them at WATSONS. AHAHAHA! :X

 Deep Cleansing Green Bean Paste

First saw this product at latest issue of 女人我最大 (Taiwan's most popular Female magazine) and decided to buy this product back to try! Very affordable - only NTW$99 (SGD$4.30).

This deep cleansing mask claims to deep cleanse the skin, and control oil sebum. Sounds good eh? :D

All you need is a pea-size amount and mix them with either lotion or water to make them into a thick paste. Apply on the entire face and wait for 10-15min before rinsing off!

1st try: Not bad. I quite like the smell of the 'leafy veggie' scent on my face. If you are not a veggie-lover person, this product won't be suitable for you coz the scent is fairly strong and you will most probably @.@ LOL!!!

The effect is pretty average - it just turn out how you normally look after scrubbing your face. Maybe I shall give it a few more times before my final judgement of this product... :)

 Cucumber Facial Mist NT$99

Simply LOVE this facial mist! Been using this ever since back at SG and really unlike other facial mist, I really feel my skin absorbing the goodness and my skin feel supple and moisturize throughout the entire day!

A must have before my daily skincare routine and my travel khaki! LOL!

 Maybelline Everlasting Waterproof + Smudge-Proof Mascara

Actually, I got to know this product wayyyyy  back in July where Xiao Kai (小凯老师) was demonstrating on 1 of the 女人我最大 episodes and was finding high & low in both SG & Aussie with no avail.

(✿◠‿◠) Thus, I immediately dashed into WATSONS and grabbed this baby without any hesitation and boy, this is the BEST mascara in the entire range!

It lengthens (a bit), volumizes and does not smudge the entire day! Really suitable for Asian lashes - especially for my case (short, fine n forever droopy) >.<"

24hr long-lasting Eyeliner Pencil in Deep Brown n Black Gold

LMAO! I didn't bother to read the tag line until now - it said to be the STRONGLY RECOMMENDED by Females who have just broken up with their partners! LOL!! WTH seriously?!

But the eyeliners do live up to their long longevity and they really don't smudge/crease even after  12-hr! Amazing! The next best eyeliner pencil than my DollyWink Eyeliner Pencil!

Downside: :( It is rather hard to draw on your eyelids and you may need to heat the product up using a hair dryer first. But the results are really worth the hassle. At least I don't look like a panda after that. LOL!

:P Just a normal pair of facial scissors Damn! I had totally forget to put my previous pair into my check in luggage thus was being thrown away at SYD customs. -____-"

Bought this grey eyeliner pencil but realise the grey colour is a bit lighter than what I have expected. Have yet to try it though. Perhaps I will use it for my upcoming makeup tutorial! ;) *hint hint*

 Maybelline Pure BB Mineral 8-in-1 Core Stick

Unlike the ones sold in SG, these BB sticks have an additional function - which is to control oil sebum and staying matte all day long!

Check out how effective this BB stick is demonstrated by 小凯老师!!!

Check on the live demostation on 06:17!

For me, this has become my holy grail! HAHA! Time saver for my foundation routine! Just swipe 3 strokes across the side of the face and blend evenly. TADAHHH~ my face really stay matte whole day long, even at my T-zone areas! WOOHOO!!

I shall stock up this item when I go Japan later this month! *Beams*

Of course, I just have to create one makeup look after buying so many beauty items!!!

WARNING: Narcissism tsunami photos below!!! Be warned!!! :P


Makeup Used:

Maybelline BB Stick
Maybelline Pure Mineral Liquid Concealer #1
MAC MSF in Light

Fasio Eyeshadow Quad in BE-2
24-hr long-lasting Eyeliner Pencils in Deep Brown, Black Gold
Maybelline Everlasting Mascara

L'Oreal Miss Candy Lipgloss in Miss Apricot
NARS Blush in Desire

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