SHuiYuki's Belated Birthday Picture Update

(っ◕‿◕)っ ♥ Pictorial updates on my Birthday last week. Yes, I'm an early Gemini Baby~ Hehe!

 With my Darling Angels... Liney Jeppie San & Foxy Love!

 Surprise BDay celebration at T1 with my lovely Batchies! :)

 With my HDs at Jang Shou Korean BBQ. 

Only with them & Angels, I dare to show up with a total skincare-less + makeup-less face! LOL! They have been shocked>>horrified till numb so was fine to them by now. LMAO!

Thank YOU for your lovely pressies + BDay cake 
(which I'd happily makan-ed at T1) bought by my batchies. Teehee!


Time passed by super quickly..
I remember I was busy attending Training...

Daily trips to SGH w/o fail to visit my Aunt...
Till daily trips to her Wake..
:'( I still miss you dearly 姑姑..

So busy and worn out that I totally have 0 idea that my BDay was coming so soon..
But I'm glad that I have my Dearie, HDs, Angels & Batchies came together and celebrated for me.

If not, I think it will just be another Sunday passing by...

Thank YOU ALL for the wonderful celebrations, SMS-es, Whatsapps, Facebook & Twitter.
Which they served a very meaningful reminder that I still have you guys with me no matter what.
Though we may not be very close,
Or communicate/ see other daily,

Your well-wishes really make me treasure our friendship build throughout my 27 years of living. 

THANK YOU & God bless! 


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