Yuki's Last Event of the Year

My last event (indefinitely)...

(╥﹏╥) Gosh, this title sounded quite depressing! But nevertheless, I was extremely glad to 'end' my freelance event career with ALL the nicest & friendliest people!

Gotten to work at CitiBank event again with the lovely Vivienne (PM for Citibank Clear Platinum Card. She's sucha nice & sweet lady and all of us LOVE her! XOXO), my forever-crazy Ian & Lionel *LOL*, and of course my lovelies --> Sheena, Bernice & Ee Xuan! ❤❤❤❤

≧^◡^≦  Really. Nothing beats having a group of nice & friendly people working around you, even Clients themselves! We were truly blessed. ❤

Here are some of the pictures taken at the photo booth and they have 5 different frames therefore they allow people to pose & pose again without having the same frame! Very thoughtful & creative of them! *Thumbs up*

And of course, I was super excited and privileged to have Kay Kay (www.kaykay.sg) to pose a picture with me and her friends! :) And yes, she is indeed a sweet lady who agreed to take picture and no diva air around her!

:) Kay Kay's blog --> Click here. OMG really, how many times can 1 commoner have the chance to take pics with a celeb?! :D I LOVE MY JOB REALLY. LOL!

And now for the Behind-The-Scene:

Grabbed from Sheena's facebook. LOL!

All 4 of us, happily resting in the hotel room and enjoying our room service while waiting Lionel's call for second half. Got to know the 'Secret Assasin' (inside jokes. HAHA!) and fun & laughter throughout the break time. Aww, typing these make me feel sad and missing those wonderful moments... *Sigh*

:) But somehow, I am also feeling glad that this marked a VERY beautiful end for this chapter and I certainly hope I can cross paths with all the lovely people/babes I'd worked with for the past 2yrs very soon!

*** Side Track + Update on my new career! ***
My new career has just started off and all I can say is the lessons are extremely useful & important which I don't know why I can easily overlook all these minors while travelling as a passenger. :X Perhaps I feel that these are not important and I can always count by the cabin crew for help in case of any emergencies. *Touch wood*

Here I will like to give my little advice to those who are/will be travelling:

Please LISTEN & ADHERE all safety instructions given by the cabin crew. Example: Please fasten your seat belts whenever there is a need to.

To be honest, this is 1 of those simple instructions I had overlooked when travelling and now that I had fully understand the importance and this little action can help to aid to be safely in tact onto their seats when any unexpected situations (i.e. turbulence) strike.

*** ***

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