Yuki's Event Update - Happy St Patrick's Day (Guinness Live Finale)

≧◔◡◔≦ OK. I know this is abit outdated BUT! Lemme share with you guys how I spend my St Patrick's Day - with Guinness Live Grand Finale 2012!

Yup, am I of the 'Guinness Girls' during the 4-month Guinness Live competition and have mentioned a couple of times on my Feecha (www.feecha.com/SHuiYuki)! Do add me if you wanna know any good deals! *Winks* Some have spotted us on Shanghai Dolly/ Dragonfly/ Firefly giving out FREE samples during Tues-Thurs! FREEBIES FTW!!! #LikeABoss.jpg LOL!!!

≧^◡^≦ Was featured in I-weekly. Credit to William for tagging me in Facebook or else I also won't know about it! LOL!

Yup! My LOVES at work - Danielle, Karen and Me! ❤❤❤

Heartfelt rants:

I'm really thankful for Hannah darling to introduce me to this job, allowing me to have so many opportunites to make new friends, learn some singing techniques given by the mentors & judges and also, 大开眼界 #IfYouKnowWhatIMean.gif Hur hur :X

17th March 2012:

❁_❁ Wasn't feeling well on that day- was feeling feverish and upset stomach. But nonetheless, I crawled down to St James *LOL* and smack more make-up than usual to look heathily good! :X

 With Elynn darling ❤

Yesh! Working with many familiar + pretty faces that night. I LOVE MY JOB.  :Þ 

The Usual Suspects - Me, Karen and Danielle! ❤❤❤

With 2 charming bloggers of the night - HP & Terence

Another perk about this job - Get to know MORE friends! :D These 2 charming bloggers (HP & Terence) are some of the nice people I'd met during work!

 With my SUPER 久不见 Desmond Bro!!! ❤

With pretty ladies - Linda & Valentine !!! ❤❤

 With Pretty bloggers - Jessie & Shu Qing! ❤❤

Some of the pretty babes working at DF! Middle one is Summer! My fellow participant for Watsons 2011!  Glad she still remember me after all these while! :D

I was at the backstage and I saw Jeno Liu sitting and chatting with her record company (HIM). And as usual with my buay paiseh-ness, I hinted her assistant and both her assistant and Jeno were friendly enough to take pictures with me!!! I'M BLESSED. AMEN.
With Jeno Liu Liyang (刘力扬)!

She looks so damn charming and pretty at the same time can?! OMG!!! I wanna tell her I love her song (礼物) so so much but I was strutted for words and Elynn & Danielle were LOL-ing all the way. KNS! :P

Click on the video to view! Amazing song! ❤❤ How I wish she got sang this song at DF though....

Power Station (动力火车) were there too but they did not have the time to take pictures with us as they seem to be rushing off to other places as well. Oh wells... :S

How did you guys spend on 'the friendliest day of the year'? Hope you guys have fun!! XOXO

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