SHuiYuki's JAN & FEB Monthly Favourites

≧◠◡◠≦ こにちわ みな!

Wanted to try out Vlog to do my this year monthly favourite BUT unfortunately, I'm down with a BAD cough and I'm literally voice-less! >.<" ごめ !

Here we go!

 (Left-Right): Fleur Flower, Danity, Subtle Breeze

Swatch (Left-Right): Subtle Breeze, Danity, Fleur Flower

  • Fleur Flower: Consider a matte blush as there is minimal shine upon application and this peachy-orange is very suitable for this early Spring look!
  • Dainty: Shimmery mineralised blush that gives out a healthy peachy-pink flush colour! Suitable for all skin tones!
  • Subtle Breeze: From their Naturally collection. The colour may appear strong on the pot itself but with small, subtle amount, this colour can look very pinky and girly! Colour equivalent to MAC Mineralised Blusher in Gentle

Too Faced Gel Eyeliner Pencil in Perfect Storm: One of the EASIEST, PIGMENTED (with a tint of glitter eyeliner) in JUST ONE application! Smooth application without tugging on the eyelids and consistent colour payout. Didn't smudge / creased throughout the day! Definitely a worthy item to invest on!

Swatch (Left to right): Essence E/S in , Essence Creme E/S in , Chanel E/S in Fauve, MAC E/S in Carbon, MAC E/S in Coquette, MAC E/S in Omega, MAC E/S in Vanilla

  • Chanel Eyeshadow in Fauve: How do I describe it? This unique colour is sorta like a mixture of shimmery plum-purple + soft brown + grey all together!! A VERY BEAUTIFUL colour which I can't find any dupe from other brands! Can be wear as daytime for work/school or party/ events!
  • MAC Carbon: Matte black that help to intensify and create more definition on my outer-V and crease line!
  • MAC Vanilla: =Þ As you guys can probably see (or not! LOL!), this colour matches my skin-tone and this is used to complete my eye makeup and a good mild highlight under my brow bone.
  • MAC Coquette: Matte light greyish-brown colour and I used this is to create 2nd base colour on my eyelids and gradient colour for my crease line.
  • MAC Omega: MY ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE FOR EVERY EYE MAKEUP! Finally got this baby from Smoochiezz and this colour acts as my 1st base colour (after primer) to create more warmth for my other colour to be applied later! This base colour really helps to bring out the other colours (blue, pink, purple etc) even more!
  • Essence Metallic Eyeshadow in Wild At Heart: This metallic blue colour is so pigmented that I will just need 1-2 application to make the colour POP instantly! As most of the Asians belong to the WARM colour tone (meaning yellow undertones), it is always been a challenge to bring out the cool colours (blue, purple) to look like the colours on the pot.
    For me, most of the blues will turn out to look more on the Purple-ish tone although they look very navy blue on the pot itself. Therefore ladies, it is VERY IMPORTANT NOT TO BUY makeup without trying out on your skin! What you see on the pot does not necessary turn out when applied on your skin! 
  • Essence Eye Souffle Eyeshadow in #03 Grand-Pile in Black: Colour pigmentation is superb! 1 application I was surprised to see the extreme pigmentation onto my skin (I was expecting dark grey-ish colour instead)! Amazing! For this creme eyeshadow, I used this colour as my base colour for my outer-corner to create more definition for the next colour to be applied on.
≧^◡^≦ That's all! Hope you babes have fun trying out the colour yourselves at your nearby beauty counters and till next time, BYEEEE~!!!

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