SHuiYuki's December Favourites

✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ This Christmas-y season is definitely fun (and approved) to play with BOLD + DARK colours! And I'm pretty glad that more & more Singaporeans are gamed enough to play with their makeup colours! So here's mine!

FASIO GR-4 Green Colour Palette, S$21.90
FASIO has been my favourite for November and December as I'd just started to take note of their existence *ahem* and their colour pigmentation are amazing!
Shimmery but NOT too shiny/glittery. Best of all, the darker colours are indeed, VERY DARK even without the help of primer/creme eyeshadow. AWESOME 

(✿ ♥‿♥)Shopping Deal: Grab your FASIO palettes at any John Little stores as they are having 20% +10% storewide NOW!

SLEEK Makeup iDivine Primer, US$10.90 + Shipping (not inclusive)
Bought this primer palette 3months back and had totally in LOVE with the variety of colours which will help to enhance and bring out the max of my eyeshadow. Imagine applying blue colour eyeshadow on top of the blue colour primer; results = SUPER STRONG blue!!
Of course, you can match the orange colour with brown etc to bring the results you want!

Tony Monly Gel Eyeliner in Navy Blue, S$19.90
Was disappointed when I realised MAC in SG does not sell Limited Edition Midnight Track (dark blue gel eyeliner) and was walking aimlessly in Bugis when I found this BABY at Tony Monly.
The colour is EXACTLY the same as what I'd seen in Midnight Track & of course I bought this without hesitation at all. FINALLY! A REAL dark navy blue gel liner in SG market!

MAC Eyeshadow in Carbon (Matte Black), S$15
≧◔◡◔≦ I know I know... Just a matte black colour but this colour helps to esenciate the pigment of any eyeshadows, making the colour NOT immediate black, but gradient order (from dark-light).

(✿ ♥‿♥)Shopping Deal: Wondering WTH my Carbon is cheaper than the normal MAC counters? 'Coz I bought mine at! Quote my name (SHUHUI) to enjoy MORE discounts!!! 

MAC Eyeshadow in Contract (Satin Navy Blue), S$28
Been finding a REAL dark navy blue (not those that comes along with Purple reflects), and Contrast is one of those that appear slightly dark blue compared to the rest. MAC Deep Shade is a good choice too, but I prefer Contrast with a satin finish.

Revlon Creme Eyeshadow in Moonlit Jewel, US$4.99 + Shipping (not inclusive)
Been wondering WTH Revlon in SG has so freaking LIMITED cosmetic range compared to US! -____-" Revlon SG please buck up and bring in MORE varieties!!! Saw many good Revlon products BUT they are forever NOT available in SG. Tsk tsk.

*AHEM* Please bring your LIP BUTTERS SOONEST!!!! (►.◄)

NYX Glitter Liquid Eyeliner in Gun Mental, S$7
Lovin' shimmery/glittery colours for this season and to make it even more 'blink blink', I'd top it off with this gun metal (dark silver) on top of my drawn eye liner to make glam up the overall look!

NARS Blush in Super Orgasm, US$25
There's really no need to praise anymore about NARS products. Super pigmented & long-lasting. Totally worth the money & time waiting for this baby to arrive to my doorstep!

This year is coming to an end faster than I expected. SO MANY stuff had happened; more than I expected in just 365 days. Sweet/Sour/Sad/Angry/Disapointment/Happy events came rushing in & out like a Tsunami + Hurricane (what a description right? Haha!) without giving me much time to absorb and think through.

Whatever those were, I'm happy and satisified that I'd successfully been through all those crazy incidents which somehow make me a slightly stronger Shuhui/Yuki. Also, I'm thankful for this year allowing me to make more new & sincere friends especially in the modelling industry (Chereleen, Grace, Ee Xuan, Sheena, Bernice and many more!!!)

Moreover, this year also brought me to this little humble blog, which brings ME to YOU! Therefore...



(Yes, CNY Makeup Look & SHSecrets Promo will be OUT in JAN!)

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