SHuiYuki's Cranberry & Pink Glitters Mono Eyelid Makeup Tutorial


Cranberry Pink with Glitter Mono Eyelid Makeup Tutorial

Had enough of blue/silver eye makeup  which I'd been wearing for the past 2 weeks :P So I'd come up with this Xmas PARTY look using cranberry colours & pink glitters!

Great look for parties/events to while we embrace the Xmas-y or bidding farewell 2011 and welcoming the NEW 2012!

#Tips for Mono Eyelid: Will be sharing how to apply glitters easily & seen visibly without making a mess! :D

Makeup used:

✓ RMK Makeup Base #1 - e Miracle for PERFECT porcelain skin!
✓ Garnier BB Eye Roller
✓ Maybelline Mineral Concealer #1
✓ MAC MSF in Light
✓ Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact in Rose

✓ Urban Decay Primer Potion
✓ NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Strawberry Milk
✓ Coastal Sands 42 SHIMMERY eyes & blush  (Cranberry, Pink, White)
Coastal Sands 42 MATTE eyes & blush (Black)
✓ La Splash Glitters in Pink
✓ MAC Limited Edition Fluidline in Ash Violet
✓ Falsie (Gift from my Vivienne sista from her trip to HK)
✓ DollyWink Eyelash Glue
✓ MAC False Eyelashes Mascara

✓ Heavy Rotation Lip Colour Concealer
✓ Gurlain StarKiss Lipstick in Orange Sequin

Have Fun!!!


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