SHuiYuki's Living the BKK Dreams with B78 Happy Pills

≧'◡'≦ Sawadeeka!!!

Yup - went to the City of Smiles (Bangkok) with my batchies earlier this month and trust me; Thank God for this trip though it was super hectic for me! >.<"

I touched down on the evening and 12hour later, I'm back to the airport to meet my girls for our BKK trip. -__________-" And it didn't help with an injury (I slipped and fell when I was in my previous flight) tagging along with me on my much anticipated journey.

Day 1:

Yah. All smiles (ಥ_ಥ but actually, I was in effing pain due to my S&F injury. ZZZ)
 Before setting off to Chatuchak!

Left-Right: SHui, Alicia, C.

Yah! All 4 of Us including Maggie sweetie!

 All smiles! (>‿◠) Mouth was stuffed with this awesome coconut Ice-cream thus the smile w/o teeth. LOL! #GreedinessNeverDiesInSHui

Had my To-Eat Mango Sticky Rice at Chatuchak! *Yumz*

AhhHhHhhHh~ This is a MUST-DO in BKK! Massage!
>.<" Could only do leg massage due to my back injury whilst the girls opt for Thai Body Massage. 

Our 1st decent meal of the Day. Apologises - was too hungry to snap the Before pic. LOL!

Day 2:

Lunch time!
With my Sweetie Pie-cum-Roomie Alicia sama at Platinum Mall

Our fave pic of this entire BKK trip! We all look so Happy here❣

 ≧^◡^≦ Happy SHui with the Bears at Central World
+ the Mamasan bag from my Scootie Pretty Babe Kendra! 

At Erawan Temple

This floral headband was a random buy but.. we are 'living the BKK dreams'. So heck man! Live it!
Now.. "Who need bridesmaid anyone?" *LOL*

Swensen Ice Cream is a MUST HAVE at Platinum Mall! 
SoOOoOoOoOoo Cheap can!!! 

Day 3:

"VIVI Autumn Romance Photoshoot"
Venue: Best Western Hotel
Photographer: Alicia, SHuiYuki

"Living the BKK Dreams"
Abalone Fried Rice
Bird Nest

"...and the Show goes on"
Party & Merry at RCA (Route 66)

Day 4:

"A Take it's all it takes" 
Psst, #InsiderJoke



"NoOOOoOooOO~ We don't wanna go back!!!"

Dear BKK,
(◡‿◡✿)  You'd been good to me as always.
Back in 2011 and now.

Reminiscing the places I'd visited,
Loving the new adventures/place/people met.

Thank You.

& of coz, thankew K for never fail to pick me up at T1 whenever I'm back in SG. 
=^^= 辛苦你了.

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