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Hi All!!

OMG~ I didn't realise I did not update for SOOOOOO long! >.<" August was a super hectic month! Lemme think - NYC-HEL-NRT. #tiredDieMe

OK. To compensate that, I will do a GIVEAWAY by Salon Vim in this blog post! Scroll to the end for more info alrighty? ;)

*Cough cough* Face it. WE ALL KNOW doing hair treatment/colouring ALONE can be SUPER BORING. That's why I brought 1 of my fave batchie Shi Yun with me! TEEHEE!!!

Some disclaimer FIRST:

☑ I only review sponsored products/services which I have tried on myself personally to see if the products are effective on me before I recommend to my readers.

Which is probably why some companies totally loath me for not posting my entry on time. Please, if I have not tried the products and do the entry for the sake of blogging just to submit before deadline, there is no creditability at all and it will also affect the Company's reputation right?

☑ All my reviews are 100% based on my HONEST opinions and not from the press release from the Company. I'm pretty sure my readers are internet savy to find out the ingredients etc.

Agreed to the aforementioned? (>‿♥) Then Let's GO ON!!!  
And being sucha sweetheart (as always), we met up at Bugis and she went for Hair Strengthening treatment whilst I... *winkz* opt for something MORE HAPPENING! *LOL*

#ForeverEmphasing.. But just in case... -____-"

I may not be your typical cabin crew, 

Shall emphasise + highlight justtttt in case people in my company happen to see this. LOL!

 Poor Ah Yun. Being forced to take pic with me. HAHA! 
 Ok. BEFORE (the #HappeningProjectPart1)

 *Ahem* Hint See the array of colours? Stay tune!!!

 Our trusty Stylist Jamie!
 Jamie working her magic onto Yun's hair.
See Yun's expression. "Very shoik (enjoyable) hor my dear? *winkz*" HAHA!
 Alrighty. That's me. #HappyLikeABird LOL!!!

Having GF doing hair services with me is definitely one of my BEST ideas ever. WHAHAHA! Time really pass by super fast coz the both of us were happily chatting/ gossiping/ eating/ drinking until we lost track of time!

 OMG I WANNA TRY THEM ALL CAN?!!!!! Temptation temptation!!!
 Guess which colour I chose? *Evil laughter*

 After bleaching out the faded purple. 

1 of the many things I love about Jamie & Salon Vim - they really take GREAT CARE of my hair and ensure my tresses are still in good condition before-during-after colouring process.

Moreover, this not just because I'm a sponsored blogger whatsoever; I ever overhead 1 of the stylists encouraging his client to 'let her hair rest' and not colouring her hair as per her request. A stylist can just blindly abide his/her client requests BUT a professional won't.

Pssst, I ever told Jamie my 1001 crazy ideas on my tresses (which I always gotta a feeling that she wanna slap me 95% of the time. LOL!) - but of course, I will leave the final call to her which she NEVER FAILS to impress me all the time. LOVE LOVE!

 My trusty Jamie and her assistant busy working their magic on me!
SHui:  "Eh, don't shy leh. Smile!"
Assistant: "Don't want la!" 

AHEM. Don't care. SNAP SNAP!

AFTER (1 Hour+):

(Yah, I was OMG-ing 806,327,542,690 times until Yun & Jamie were -_____-")

You guys just don't have any idea HOW FREAKING LONG I WANNA HAVE SUCH HAIR COLOUR man!!!! #tearsOfJoy


Oh yah darling~ I'm a SUPER PLEASED customer of the Day!!! 
Thankew SO MUCH Jamie!!!
 2 Happy + Satisifed Customers of the Day!
See how SILKY SMOOTH Yun's hair?! Hmmm, I shall give it a try next time man!

Do look for my stylist Ms Jamie Seah and tell her you are my Friends/ Readers/ Blog Passer-by *LOL*and DISCOUNT will be given to you when go down for your *hair services!

*Selected hair services. So please check with Salon Vim for more details!

Call 68370073/ 68370045 n look for my pretty n awesome Ms Jamie Seah!! 
❦ ... ALSO... ❦❦❦
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