[WIN!] SHuiYuki: The 1,100-1,103 Appreciation Giveaway!

[Edited 6th May, 4.02pm] OMG. I wonder who's the lucky 1,000-1,003 winners. They haven't revert back to me yet! So nevertheless, I'll STILL be giving away the prizes to the...
The 1,100-1,103th appreciation giveaway!

I'd been blessed in various ways throughout my years of living and not forgetting you guys for making an effort to click and visit this little website of mine. :)
To thank YOU for your support, I will like to offer a mini prize - 3x pairs of travel size shampoo and conditioner (from a renown Japan brand that 95% of you will sure heard of their good product reviews) + hydrating sheet Mask from Korea!
Note: I'm not liable for any breakouts/irritations for your face and hair. These prizes are served as a token of appreciation to you. Please don't use if it is unsuitable for you.

All you have to do is...
  1. Print-screen your entire monitor, of course with my counter saying you're the 1,100th-1,103 visitor and email to me!
  2. Email to shuhui.teo@hotmail.com
  3. Email subject title: I'm 1,000th visitor of SHuiYuki's blog!
  4. Please provide me with your NAME, MAILING ADDRESS, CONTACT NO, HOW do you come across this blog.
  5. Remember! Attach the print screen (in .jpg format)
  6. Good Luck!
I will announce the WINNER on 7th May, 7pm or earlier!

Do share me at shuhui.teo@hotmail.com*
*Spam/unneccesary stuff will not be entertained for


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